Supporting Adoptions

UPDATE: While our first mission was a total success, and we are very proud that we were able to help harvest funds for families adopting, we have been called into a different area of ministry! Please, click on the gift giving & what we have been up to page to see what we have been doing lately!
Our ministry was placed in our hearts as we saw a need for families to be supported financially through the adoption process. Many families are wonderfully equipped to be adoptive parents, but the initial financial burden of adoption fees can be very difficult to bare. It is our hope that because of the help that we provide, more families will be able to adopt, resulting in more children coming to know the love of their Heavenly father! We want to give Godly families the opportunity to be able to raise funds for their adoption fees through selling our Eternal Heiress Apparel, throwing Eternal Heiress birthday parties, or by way of donations through Eternal Heiress Ministries.

Currently we are raising funds for the Whitney Family!

To learn about the Whitneys or to give support to them, please click here.


To make a donation to Eternal Heiress Ministries, please click the button below. Or you may mail checks or money orders to:

Eternal Heiress Ministries
PO Box 24
Nolensville, TN 37135

Meet the Whitneys

Meet the Whitneys

Update: The Whitneys have completed their adoption process! The Whitneys are just starting their adoption journey. If you would like to support their adoption, you may donate or purchase any of our apparel and the proceeds will go towards their adoption! To see their story or find

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