A Call to Action for Such a Time as This

We are calling all Esthers and Mortacais to rise up by falling to their knees in their own daily Power Hour of prayer &  worship for such time as this!

The times we are living in are unprecedented therefore our daily and weekly call to action is for all prayer warriors to RISE UP in WORSHIP & PRAY. On top of this we are asking for each of you to F.A.S.T. with us every Friday until the end of December 2020 as we pray the F.A.S.T. model.

Time -for such a time as this!

The 3 Day Esther F.A.S.T

We are asking for you to join us for a 3 Day Esther fast starting sundown on 9/10/20 and ending on sundown on 9/12/20.

During this time we will also have a prayer and worship event at the Franklin House of Prayer starting 7pm on 9/11 ending 7pm on 9/12. This will be 24 hours of nonstop worship and prayer! You are welcome to join us there anytime, but we do ask that you register for this event as there is limited capacity of 20 people total right now. You can register here.

We hope that you will join us in fasting and interceding on behalf of our nation, families, government and the lost here on earth for such a time as this!