Gift Giving & Where it Goes

Part of our mission at Eternal Heiress is to help orphans and those less fortunate locally and globally. Below are some of the ways in which we feel called to support these missions that we are called to. For each gift you give, 100% of the proceeds will go towards adoption, or educating, lifting up, and meeting the basic needs of orphans , and those less fortunate. We believe when we give we are also opening the door to bring the good news of Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation. Give the greatest gift of all, by giving the hope of Jesus Christ to those who need it.  All gifts are tax deductible.


~Help Support Juvenile Detention Outreaches~


What we have been up to the last year:

11265225_979965178682446_8824783851650097190_nWe have been blessed enough to have a regular monthly meeting in the juvenile detention centers, and we have seen a lot of good fruit from this! We started in the girls facility and now we are in the guys facility and will be going into a second guys facility in the near future.

Over 50 girls and guys have accepted the call to Christ over the last year! We did a weekly small group study with the girls center and walked through the book we wrote “50 Days to Transformation.” Where we discipled the girls on what it means to be a follower of Christ and who they are as his heirs. At the end of our study we were able to baptize 22 girls! Leading up to their baptisms they nailed their sins to the cross, walked through forgiveness of themselves and 22499_979960302016267_6440749987608302395_nthose who had hurt them, and then we celebrated their baptisms with lunch, cake , music and dancing.

Your donations for this part of our mission goes towards gifts that we provide the girls with each holiday (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day,Easter, Christmas etc.) as well as treats that we take each time that we go. Also, you will help support our mission to multiply this ministry into detention centers across our nation and globally, as we have an open door to travel to different centers throughout the US and some invitations to travel to other countries with this message!

Proverbs 18:16 says giving a gift can open doors; it gives access to important people.

And let me tell you, these youth we are reaching on a monthly basis are important to God! We believe that as we bring gifts, it is opening the way to their hearts to hear the good news of Jesus Christ! And we are seeing the hardest of hearts opening up to us as we allow the love of Christ to flow through us.




~Donate to Eternal Heiress Ministries~


Eternal Heiress Ministries

By donating to Eternal Heiress Ministries, you will be supporting adoptions and orphan care. Also, you will be helping us to be able to bring Heiress Awareness to young girls. Teaching them who they are as Eternal Heirs of Christ.



~ Orphans World Wide~



Help fund the adoption of an orphan. One of our biggest missions, and nearest and dearest to our hearts, is the adoption of children. We recently were able to help 2 beautiful little girls be welcomed into their forever home by raising enough funds to pay for all their adoption expenses! It is our hope to help as many orphans as possible find forever homes, and when you donate towards this cause you are helping defray some of the cost of adoption fees. This ensures that more families are able to bring these children home and softens the financial burden.

Support Orphan Adoption



~Help Feed Those in Need~



foodbagsHungry Children

Provide food bags for children here in the USA. 32% of children here in our local schools are food insecure due to lack of funds and resources. Food bags are nutritious meals that are easily prepared that go home in the backpacks of children who otherwise may not get a meal at home, once they leave school for the weekend. 5.00 will support 1 child’s meals for the weekend.

Feed a Hungry Child