Our Mission:

Eternal Heiress was founded, in our hearts, as way to help raise funds for adoptions and the care of orphans. To raise awareness and fund the plight of impoverished women and children forced to work in the sex trade industry. And the hope to build the self esteem and character of young girls and women by teaching them their value as an Eternal Heiress of their Heavenly father who is the King of Kings.

Our Hope:

~We see Eternal Heiress reaching both near & far, locally as well as internationally, to adopt orphans into unconditionally loving earthly families & also into the Eternally loving family of Christ.

~We see impoverished women and children being delivered from the exploitation of the sex trade industry & given meaningful work & teaching that transforms their understanding of themselves into a much loved & valued Eternal Heiress.

~We see young ladies discovering the rich inheritance of their identity in Christ as an Eternal Heiress. We see a moral & spiritual revival among youth which results in them making choices that honor their valued identity by remaining pure, treating themselves along with others as being created in the image of their Father with high esteem, and resisting the seductive lure of media & advertising to debase themselves.

Our Fundraising:

~Creating and selling a line of faith based apparel and jewelry that reflects who we are as an Eternal Heiress and spreading the word that we are called to be set apart for his glory.

~Reaching our youth by Eternal Heiress birthday parties, balls, and banquets while raising funds and awareness for our mission.

~Helping families that have the same vision for orphans, be able to raise funds for adoptions, through selling our products.